Countdown to Halloween Day 24: El Vampiro (1957)

Countdown to Halloween – Day 24: El Vampiro (1957)
      German Robles as The Count
Abel Salazar as Dr. Enrique
Ariadna Welter as Marta Gonzalez

Story by Ramon Obon
Screenplay by Ramon Rodriguez
Directed by Fernando Mendez

Plot: After her aunt dies, young Marta returns home to discover she has already died. She finds her aunt’s home in disrepair, her uncle refusing to sell the home and her other aunt prepared to sell it to a nearby neighbor. However, she discovers that the rumors of the area being infested with vampires may be true as she becomes concerned and intrigued by her next door neighbor, Count Karol de Lavud.

Personal Thoughts: I really enjoyed my first time viewing of El Vampiro despite a few of its’ flaws. Visually, the film is rich with atmosphere, from cobwebs to mysterious shadows to the dilapidated courtyard, there’s a lot to appreciate on the screen. However, the characters come off as either a little over melodramatic or simply too understated but the plot is interesting enough that they don’t deter from the overall enjoyment of the film. I really enjoyed German Robles’ performance and I look forward to watching him again in the 1958 sequel, El Ataud del Vampiro. Highly recommended for those of you seeking something “new” in the vampire genre.

  • El Vampiro is the first time we see a vampire with long teeth. While Nosferatu had a version of this, no other actor before German Robles wore traditional fake vampire teeth, not even Bela Lugosi.
  • It is often considered one of the most important and best Mexican horror films.
  • Abel Salazar, who starred as Dr. Enrique, also produced the film.

Availability: Originally released on DVD from Casanegra, it has now gone out of print with copies running near $100.00 or higher. Worth tracking down but be prepared to pay a little more, just be patient for the right price.


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