Rondo Awards 2018 – Jeff Owens

This is the first in a series highlighting my friends who have been nominated for the prestigious Rondo Award. The 16th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards ballot is now live and waiting for your votes. These awards are voted on by fans for fans and highlight the best of the best of 2017.

Voting is easy to do. Simply go to the Rondo Awards website and follow the instructions. It’s a little old school and there are a lot of categories, so make sure you take your time. You don’t have to vote in every category and you can always write in your own suggestion because they might have missed something or someone worth recognizing.

First up, I’d like you to consider Jeff Owens. Jeff has been nominated in the Best Website or Blog of 2017 category for his website Classic Horrors Club. Jeff launched this site well before our podcast of the same name, so he’s fine tuned it to something quite fun and entertaining. It features daily birthday milestones, the TV Terror Guide, a reading list, the Trailer Park and much more. His main articles cover everything from Blu-ray reviews to movie comics to film reviews to highlighting his travels. Jeff puts a lot of thought into Classic Horrors Club and I highly recommend you consider it as the Best Website or Blog of 2017.

Come back tomorrow as I highlight another friend nominated in this years Rondo Awards!


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