Sci-Fi Horrorfest – I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958)

2018 Sci-Fi Horrorfest: I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958)
Cast:        Tom Tryon as Bill Farrell
Gloria Talbott as Marge Farrell
Peter Baldwin as Hank Swanson
Robert Ivers as Harry Phillips

Written by Louis Vittes
Directed by Gene Fowler Jr.

Plot: Bill is driving home after his bachelor party only to be assaulted by a strange alien creature. It absorbs him and, as we later discover, it has assumed his shape and memories to slip into our society unnoticed. His new bride, Gloria, suspects something is wrong as her now husband is acting very strange. As other men in the city fall under the same influence, an alien plot is revealed. Why are the aliens here and why are they only assuming the shape of human males? Is it too late to save Bill and the other missing men?


Richard’s Review: It had been more than 20 years since I last watched this fun flick and I’m glad I revisited it. It tends to be overlooked and is rarely talked about today. However, it has a solid with Gloria Talbott (The Cyclops, Daughter of Dr. Jekyll and Leech Woman) giving us a good “scream queen” performance. The alien effect of absorbing the men is simple but cool for the time period and the make-up work by Charles Gemora deserves more love than it receives. I especially loved how it was visible during lightning strikes. It’s well worth checking out or revisiting as it channels such alien invader films as Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1954) with its’ own twist. Good acting, entertaining script and solid direction make this one a lot of fun.

Karla’s Thoughts: I give this one two thumbs up. I really loved it and would gladly watch it again. I especially appreciated how Marge was a strong female lead despite the plot of aliens coming to mate with women. If it wasn’t for her taking charge, the aliens would never have been discovered and would have taken over the Earth.


  • This movie was originally the A film in a double feature with The Blob (1958). However, audiences preferred the color and more teen-oriented monster flick and I Married a Monster from Outer Space was bumped to B status.
  • Leonard Maltin compared this movie to Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1954).
  • Despite being well received by critics and moviegoers, the movie is often overlooked.
  • The film’s somewhat sexist overtones and obvious Cold War mentality haven’t aged well over the years. This, added to the sensationalistic title, unfairly contribute to this lack of modern day acceptance by fans.
  • Remade in 1998 under the title I Married a Monster.

Availability: I Married a Monster from Outer Space is currently available on DVD.

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