Jeff Owens in New Issue of We Belong Dead Magazine

Jeff Owens, my co-host on the Classic Horrors Club Podcast and man behind the Rondo Award nominated Classic Horrors Club blog, appears in the newest issue of We Belong Dead magazine. In his latest article, The Strange Romance of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jeff takes a look at the various versions of the classic novella by Robert Louis Stevenson. He moves beyond the surface of the story into the romantic subtexts and character motivations. I highly recommend you check out issue 20!

We Belong Dead magazine is available online from the publishers of the amazing books Unsung Horrors, Son of Unsung Horrors and A Celebration of Peter Cushing. All of these are in my personal collection and should be in yours as well. With issue 20, We Belong Dead has expanded from a digest size to a full magazine. However, the format remains unchanged and is still in full-color with amazing images cover-to-cover. Check it out and tell ’em Monster Movie Kid sent ya!


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