Sci-Fi Horrorfest – The Human Duplicators (1965)

2018 Sci-Fi Horrorfest: The Human Duplicators (1965)
Cast:       George Nader as Glenn Martin
Barbara Nichols as Gale Wilson
George Macready as Professor Dornheimer
Dolores Faith as Lisa Dornheimer
Hugh Beaumont as Austin Welles
Richard Kiel as Dr. Kolos

Written by Arthur C. Pierce
Directed by Hugo Grimaldi

Plot: Dr. Kolos is sent to Earth by an alien race to duplicate humans as part of their plan to conquer the universe. However, Glenn Martin is on to their scheme but can he stop them in time?


Richard’s Review: This one has been on my “to watch” list for some time now and, unfortunately, it wasn’t quite worth the long wait. Despite a low budget of $140,000, the movie doesn’t actually look that bad. The cast is adequate and nobody stands out as particularly bad. Even Richard Kiel’s lack of acting ability comes across as a positive as it helps make him sound and appear more like an alien to our world. The weakest part of the film is the very slow and relatively boring script. Not much happens in the 80-minute running time. The technique to create humans seems very similar to how robots were created in the Star Trek episode, What Are Little Girls Made Of?, but without the serious flaw that the duplicated humans are essentially walking clay pots. Not a spectacular plan for global conquest. However, there are worse films to watch, so this might be worth it to have on in the background as you do something more exciting.

Karla’s Thoughts: The movie wasn’t that bad but the script was horrible. It could have been a little better with a more talented actor in the role of Kolos. The duplicated humans made absolutely no sense. How could they be made of clay yet their hands and face moved like a normal human? How could they be impenetrable to bullets yet break apart if they fall on the ground? It could have been more fun with a much better script.



  • Hugh Beaumont (The Mole People), a native of Lawrence, KS (just 30 minutes away from this monster kid), makes his final film appearance just six years prior to his retirement.
  • Hugo Grimaldi also directed Mutiny in Outer Space (his final film) in 1965, which was on a double theatrical bill with The Human Duplicators.
  • Location shots were filmed in Bronson Canyon in Griffith Park in Los Angeles in 1964.
  • Aired as part of Elvira’s Movie Macabre and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Availability: The Human Duplicators is currently unavailable on DVD but you can find copies of varying degrees in quality on YouTube.


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