Countdown to Halloween Begins Monday

Every year since the Monster Movie Kid site launched in 2012, I’ve counted down to Halloween, the greatest time of the year! And for all but one of those years, I’ve posted a movie review every single day of the month…and 2018 will be no exception!

This year, my wife Karla will be joining me for most of the reviews to share her thoughts and most of the films will be first time viewings for both of us. I’ve decided to go to my huge to watch pile and knock off a level or two. Between now and Halloween, there will be Paul Naschy and Santo, Mexican vampires, some first time to video release and some of horror legends too. Plus, I’ll be appearing on three different podcasts this month to share my thoughts on Hammer Films, the latest from the Mihmiverse and the Bloodthirsty Trilogy from Japan.

Once again this year, I’ll be an official Cryptkeeper over at the Countdown to Halloween website. Be sure to check it out for the list of other participating sites (coming soon), including my good friend Jeff Owens over at the Classic Horrors Club!

So buckle in and let’s get ready to celebrate Halloween 2018!


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