Day 19 – The Bloody Vampire (1962)

2018 Countdown to Halloween – Day 19: The Bloody Vampire (1962)
Cast:        Begona Palacios as Ignes Cagliostro
Raul Farell as Dr. Ricardo Peisser
Erna Bauman as Countess Frankenhausen
Carlos Agosti as Count Frankenhausen
Antonio Raxel as Count Valsamo de Cagliostro

Story and Screenplay by Miguel Morayta
Directed by Miguel Morayta

Plot: Count Cagliostro and his family continue their centuries old pursuit of ridding the world of all vampires. They’ve discovered the Mandragora plant, which can cure a vampire of the disease. However, Count Frankenhausen has other plans as the battle of good vs. evil rages on.


Richard’s Review: The Bloody Vampire started off with a great atmospheric opening segment. We see a mysterious carriage moving silently on a road with no sound of the horse hoofs. The grim reaper appears to be driving with a mysterious figure it’s only passenger. A man is hanging from a tree in the crossroads, wolves howling in the distance and fog creeping along the countryside.

Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the movie has a hard time living up to that opening as the tale of Count Cagliostro and Count Frankenhausen unravels. I liked all of the actors but, admittedly, the film suffers quite a bit from horrible dubbing. We watched the K. Gordon Murray version and it’s rough. The plot is a little convoluted and it drags on far longer than it should have. There were also some very odd musical choices that almost sounded like church hymns at times. It’s hard to tell if that was from the original or the dubbed version. There might be something more here in its’ original Spanish language version. As it is, I’m not sure I’d watch this version again.

Karla’s Thoughts: I enjoyed the story and wonderful atmosphere present throughout the film. However, the dubbing is horrible and really made it a struggle for me to watch. I could see some good acting but it’s buried under some very unrealistic voices. The music was also quite odd at times. I might watch this one again but there are other Mexican horror classics I’d prefer to rewatch first.



  • The Frankenhausen saga continued in Invasion of the Vampires (1963).

Availability: The Bloody Vampire is available on DVD and is worth checking out while you wait for the original to finally be released with subtitles.


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