Introducing DC Comics Guy

With San Diego Comicon 2019 behind us, all eyes are now eagerly set on the future. Announcements and trailers galore gave us all plenty to look forward to and one of the first television events coming our way is Crisis on Infinite Earths in the Arrowverse! But, are you prepared? Have you read the original source material?

Jeff Owens, my podcasting partner-in-crime, has recently launched a brand new blog dedicated to his love of DC Comics. For his first series of articles on DC Comics Guy, he’s tackling one of the biggest events in comic book history…the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Each week, Jeff is taking us on a journey through every step of the Crisis. From the first few appearances of the Monitor to the death of Supergirl to the very end of the Crisis, you’ll relive all of the adventures and experience details you never even knew about.

Take a look at DC Comics Guy today and prepare yourself for the major television event by experiencing where it all began! And that’s just the beginning because Jeff has other great plans on the horizon, such as Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters! Join the adventure now!

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