Countdown to Christmas – A Christmas Carol (1941)

There are countless filmed versions of A Christmas Carol, as well as numerous old time radio adaptations. However, this past year, I discovered a “new” version from 1941 starring Hollywood actor Ronald Colman.

The production featured a full cast with a score by Victor Young and sounds like a long lost radio program. In reality, it was originally released by Decca Records as a four-record 78-RPM set. When it was eventually released on 33-RPM, it was abbreviated to fit one side of the record. That version was also later released on CD. Despite the slightly shorter version, the tale still manages to maintain all of the key elements in an incredibly well-done fashion.

In a year where we were “treated” with a new televised version that comes across more like a lump of coal, I was glad to listen to this lost classic for the very first time. I recommend it, so grab a glass of smoking bishop and enjoy A Christmas Carol from 1941 starring Ronald Colman as Ebenezer Scrooge!

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