Mihmiverse – The Six Million Dollar Man

This month on episode 71 of the Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast, the door is open on another edition of the Kansas City Crypt. Over at the Classic Horrors Club Podcast, Jeff and I will be celebrating classic fall season premieres from the early 70s with a look at four made-for-TV flicks. So, it’s only right that I continue with the theme in the Crypt.

Steve Austin, astronaut: a man barely alive
Gentlemen we can rebuild him
We have the technology
We have the capability to make the worlds first bionic man
Steve Austin will be that man
Better than he was before
Better, Stronger, Faster

The Six Million Dollar Man has perhaps one of the most iconic openings of any television show in history. Well, aside from Star Trek that is. However, before the television series launched in January 1974, there were three made-for-TV movies in 1973…The Six Million Dollar Man, Wine, Women and War and The Solid Gold Kidnapping. I take a look at the early beginnings of this classic series and, if you’re not careful, you just might learn something.

While we may not get a traditional theatrical showing of a Mihmiverse film this year, you can still become a contributor of the upcoming films and specials from Christopher R. Mihm. Check out sainteuphoria.com for all of the latest news from the Mihmiverse, including information on The Phantom Lake Kids in The Unseen Invasion!

As always, tell ’em Monster Movie Kid sent you!

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