Day 29 – Lights Out: It Happened (1938)

The 2020 31 Days of Halloween is almost at an end. However, we still have a few great programs to listen to and today’s is one of my personal favorites…It Happened from Lights Out

Lights Out was originally created by Willis Cooper in the fall of 1933 as a serialized late night program. The stories would be rather graphic for the day, something unheard of at that time in radio programming. It debuted on WENR in Chicago in January 1934. By 1935, it was airing nationally on NBC and, in June 1936, Arch Oboler took over the program. Over the years, the show would have various runs and was an inspiration for later programs, such as Inner Sanctum and Suspense. It even transitioned to television in 1946 as a series of specials before having a nice run of weekly shows from 1949 – 1952, including appearances from Boris Karloff and Vincent Price.

It Happened originally aired on May 11, 1938, and is one of the creepiest radio programs I’ve ever heard. It’s a perfect show to listen to in the dark and to help you get in the mood for Halloween, if the last 28 days haven’t already.

Don’t forget to check out the playlist on my YouTube channel. You can now go to one location for all of the radio shows that will be part of this year’s 31 Days of Halloween!

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