Day 30 – Mercury Theatre on the Air: War of the Worlds (1938)

On the night before Halloween in October 1938, Orson Welles presented another episode of his ongoing series, Mercury Theatre on the Air. It was a unique adaptation of HG Wells’ classic, War of the Worlds. Everyone knows the tale of how some people thought it was a real invasion from Mars. Panic turned to outrage and Orson Welles was in the hot seat. The furor eventually died down, leaving Orson Welles a modern-day legend. It would be recreated numerous times, first on a Spanish-language radio station in 1949, and in later years in New York and even on National Public Radio in 1988. It also inspired a 1975 movie called The Night That Panicked America.

Don’t forget to check out the playlist on my YouTube channel. You can now go to one location for all of the radio shows that will be part of this year’s 31 Days of Halloween!

Now, turn out the lights, fire up the radio and remember…it’s only a radio show!

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