OTR – The Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon – Episode 26 (1935)

This week on old time radio, we’re going on a little time travel trip as we jump ahead to the final episode of The Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon from October 26, 1935.  By this adventure, Ming has been defeated and we’ve been introduced to another Alex Raymond creation, Jungle Jim Bradley, an adventurer who battles such villains as The Bat Woman and Karnak the Killer.

As our story progresses, it serves to wrap up the original Flash Gordon series with Flash and Dale’s wedding. However, it also serves as a pilot of sorts for the new Jungle Jim series that would debut the very next week on November 2. Flash would return on October 28 with a new series called The Further Planetary Adventures of Flash Gordon. It was set in Atlantis and ran four days a week for 60 episodes until February 1936.

So sit back and listen to Gale Gordon as Flash Gordon, Maurice Franklin as Dr. Zarkov and Matt Crowley as Jungle Jim. And before anyone asks, we unfortunately don’t know who provided the voice of Dale as she was uncredited.

Tune into episode 26, Goodbye Jungle Jim Hello USA! You can find it on the Flash Gordon playlist on my YouTube channel.

Next week, we’ll take another time leap for one more “radio” adventure with none other than Buster Crabbe himself as we wrap up the Summer of Flash Gordon!

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