The Official Adventures of Flash Gordon (1966)

As we near the end of our Summer of Flash Gordon, we have one more audio adventure to listen to and it’s an interesting one. In 1996, some 26 years after he last portrayed the interplanetary space hero, Buster Crabbe returned one last time to play Flash in two original stories for MGM Records.

The stories, The Decoys of Ming the Merciless and Flash Gordon and the Mole Machine, each run about 20 minutes and are presented as if you are listening to an old time radio drama. Considering the record label was Leo the Lion, it was actually marketed to kids, much like the Peter Pan Power Records label did in the 70s. These stories are a little more adult oriented but very much in the same vein and well worth a listen.

Buster Crabbe was now 58 and did sound a little older than we’d expect Flash to sound. In fact, he sounds older than 58 and seems to lack the energy the rest of the cast brings across in the two stories. Nonetheless, it’s still fun to hear Buster back as Flash one more time if for no reason than pure nostlagia. So, jump on board and tune into these two adventures and enjoy this blast into the past!

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