Films of Bert I. Gordon – Picture Mommy Dead (1966)

Picture Mommy Dead
Release date: November 2, 1966

Don Ameche as Edward Shelley
Martha Hyer as Francine Shelley
Susan Gordon as Susan Shelley
Zsa Zsa Gabor as Jessica Flagmore Shelley

Screenplay by Robert Sherman
Directed by Bert I. Gordon

I loved you once. But, you became poor – and I became bored. So bored, I could die!

When Susan is released from a mental asylum, she returns home to find her father has remarried to a woman only interested in the money, which is running out. But there is a necklace missing since the night Susan witnessed her mother’s death…or was it murder?

Richard’s Thoughts:
I had seen this one once before and immediately remembered most of it as soon as I saw Susan walking away from the asylum. I actually enjoyed this one more than I probably should because it certainly has some flaws. For starters, young Susan becomes tiresome and a bit annoying as she is still struggling mentally with the death/murder of her mother. There’s also some plot holes along the way and the ending leaves a few questions as to what comes next for the father and daughter.  That said, it’s still a well-made film and, in many ways, one of the more accomplished films that Bert I. Gordon made. It’s a little campy at times but if you don’t let that hold you back too much, I think there’s definitely something here to enjoy. I’d watch this one again.  

Bert considered some 90 other actresses before he decided to cast his daughter Susan in the role of Susan Shelley. This would be her last film.

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