My name is Richard and I am a monster movie kid. A regular routine for me growing up was watching the Saturday night Creature Feature with Crematia Mortem on channel 41 KSHB out of Kansas City. My dad and I would enjoy the classics like the Hammer horror films and the not-so-classics like Octaman (I swear he only had 4 arms)! But even before those early days of cable TV, I loved the Universal Horror films. I vividly remember watching Dracula with Bela Lugosi, Frankenstein with Boris Karloff and even Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3D at my school. I’ve collected these and so many more on VHS, DVD and now Blu-Ray. I’m sure I’m like many others that have a stack of “movies to watch” that are ready to fall over. I’ve been a comic book collector since I could read and a Trekkie since the age of 3.

I launched Monster Movie Kid in October 2012 after years of listening to podcasts and leaving voicemails. I’m a former member of the Kansas City Film Critics Circle, been published in the Basement Sublet of Horror magazine, and been a semi-regular feature on the Dead Media podcast since 2015. I also ran the Kansas City Cinephile blog from December 2016 through July 2022. Most prominently, I have been co-hosting the Rondo Award-nominated monthly Classic Horrors Club podcast with Jeff Owens since January 2017. When I’m not talking movies with Jeff, I’m watching them with my wife Karla, a true monter kid herself. I do see sunlight from time to time but the cinema is always my true calling!

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  1. I saw a movie when I was a kid that involved a flying saucer that landed on earth and several alien’s escaped including one that had three toes and I think it was hairy. The good character sent to track them down was a creature of sorts named Frank…I think. If you know anything about this movie I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d forward me the name. Not sure why this movie comes to mind occasionally but it’s making me nuts:-)…

  2. Hi Rich , I wanted to let you and other Monster Fans know about a all new film ,but still Black and white ! with Dracula ,the Monster and The Wolf man . Tales Of Dracula coming 2015. Please help us get the word to the fans . Thank you Joe DeMuro

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