Who Knows What Lurks In The Month of April? The Shadow Knows!


The Shadow Logo Alex RossOn a random day in the late 70s, at about the age of 10 or so, I was thrilled when my dad returned home from a business trip with a Radio Reruns audio cassette recording of Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First routine. It was my introduction to old time radio and I was hooked. My dad then recommended one of his favorite shows, The Shadow. I soon had a three-record set that contained nine episodes, all starring Orson Welles. I began collecting more sets each Christmas, with one of my best presents ever being the 17-record anthology set (which I still proudly own).The Shadow Anthology

I soon found myself buying Maxwell Grant paperbacks at the local Alco store and, in the summer of 1984, during a family vacation in Colorado, I discovered Mile High Comics. There, I made another discovery…DC Comics had done a series on The Shadow in the 70s. In just three visits to three different stores over the course of that week, I had purchased 10 of the 12 issues, all in near mint condition. As the years went by, I continued to listen and read and collect all things featuring the man who can cloud men’s minds. One of my most prized possessions is an original 1938 pulp novel.

The Shadow Creeping Death PaperbackNow, some 36 years later, I still enjoy The Shadow. So, as I was thinking about how fun it is to do a theme month here at Monster Movie Kid, it should come as no surprise that I’ve decided to make April the month of The Shadow. There have been at least nine different movies, chapter serials and television shows over the years. So, next month, I’ll be covering them all, for better or worse. I’ll be starting off with 1937s The Shadow Strikes starring Rod LaRocque and wrapping up with Alec Baldwin in 1994s The Shadow on Blu-ray. I’ll also be taking a look at a recent 2011 documentary as well as the various comics and books printed over the years.The Shadow DC 1

To get in the mood, listen to the classic radio episode Three Ghosts (which was my very first episode of The Shadow) and prepare yourself for some thrilling fun! And who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!