Classic Horrors Club – I Married a Blob at the Drive-In


Jeff and Richard have a wonderful evening’s entertainment lined up for you, one that will provide several hours of pleasurable relaxation and diversion for you and your family. Did you fail to dress up for tonight’s show? No tie, an old shirt and slacks, a house dress? Well, don’t give it a thought; we’re glad you came as you are. We just want you to enjoy yourselves…. a gay, pleasant evening for all!

Yes, we’re hitting the road for the summer. First stop: the Outdoor Theater in Clearwater, Florida, circa 1959. Let’s call the meeting to order remotely, it’s time for episode 44 to begin. This month, it’s a classic double feature with The Blob (1958) and I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958)!


Special thanks to our good friend Bill Mize from the Bill Watches Movies Podcast for his on-the spot report about the Outdoor Theater. We also thank Steve and Ben Turek from the Diecast Movie Review Podcast for their thoughts on The Blob and Beware! The Blob (1972)! We highly recommend both shows!

The Blob I Married a Monster from Outer Space 50s 60s

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Dread Media – Satanis: The Devil’s Mass (1970)


This week on the Dread Media podcast, Desmond Reddick celebrates episode 666 by asking the question: What’s your favorite Satan? It could be from a book or comic or movie or artwork or any other form. So, I sat down with Des and we talked about Satanis: The Devil’s Mass, a 1970 documentary that explores the world of Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan. It’s a bizarre trip that ultimately exposes LaVey as a con man, in my personal opinion. Weird flick? Absolutely, but fascinating. Awesome podcast? You better believe it.

This is a massive episode, clocking in at 7 hours and 15 minutes. So, if you you don’t have an entire work day to spare, feel free to skip ahead to 5:05:34 for my segment. Also, you should consider becoming a Patron of Dread Media because you could have received some fantastic commentary from Des for this movie!

As always, tell ’em Monster Movie Kid sent ya!Satanis