Classic Horrors Club – Satanic September


The power of Satan compels you… to listen to episode 61 of The Classic Horrors Club podcast! You’ll learn how, at the peak of 1970s “Satanic Panic,” three movies had more in common than simple devil worship: The Brotherhood of Satan (1971), The Devil’s Rain (1975) and Race with the Devil (1975).

Jeff and I have one of our biggest disagreements about one of them, but escape the podcast without bloodshed. I lament on an abundance of stupid decisions, while Jeff insists there wouldn’t be any movies without them. What would Shatner do?!? (or Lara Parker?!?)

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And as sure as my name is Richard the Kansas City Cinephile, next month’s episode is sure to be a Thriller! No, not Michael Jackson and Vincent Price, we’re talking about Boris Karloff and his 1960s anthology series Thriller. Tune in next month as Jeff and I will be sharing some of our favorite episodes to get the Halloween season off to a…thrilling start!

Castle of the Creeping Flesh (1968)


In episode 731 of the Dread Media podcast, I take a look at a film that’s recently been given some recognition courtesy of a Severin Films Blu-ray release, Castle of the Creeping Flesh (1968). Sometimes, these rare Euro horror flicks are a hidden gem just waiting for a crisp, clear high-definition remaster. And sometimes…well, let’s just say this has a really cool cover and a great presentation. As for the rest, you’ll have to tune in to find out as you listen to my thoughts. And, as always, tell ’em Monster Movie Kid sent ya!