Halloween Comes Early with New Vincent Price Book


Jeff Owens, co-host of the Classic Horrors Club Podcast, is once again in print courtesy of the team that brought you A Celebration of Peter Cushing and Son of Unsung Horrors. They have an amazing new book entitled Into the Velvet Darkness: A Celebration of Vincent Price and Jeff is once again one of the featured writers.

You can purchase your copy of Into the Velvet Darkness: A Celebration of Vincent Price at their website. It features a foreward from Victoria Price and looks stunning in full color throughout. We Belong Dead produces a top notch product and this one comes highly recommended! Congratulations Jeff on another great accomplishment!


Dread Media – Blood Harvest (1987)


This week on episode 624 of the Dread Media Podcast, I dare travel into a corner of the horror genre few should ever go. Thanks to Joe Bob’s Last Drive-In on Shudder, I take a look at Blood Harvest (1987) starring Tiny Tim! Yes, Mr. Tiptoe Through the Tulips himself! Brace yourself!

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Classic Horrors Club – A Tribute to Fay Wray


This month on episode 34 of the Classic Horrors Club Podcast, Jeff and I celebrate the genre career of the lovely Fay Wray (1907-2004)! Club member Nicholas Hatcher spoke and we listened, so now it’s time to sit back and listen for yourself!

Between 1932 and 1935, Fay Wray made seven genre films: Doctor X, The Most Dangerous Game, The Vampire Bat, Mystery of the Wax Museum, King Kong, Black Moon, and The Clairvoyant. Between the two of them, Jeff and I watched them all and offer our opinions about the movies and her performance in them.

What’s your favorite Fay Wray film? Take your seats and let’s call the meeting to order!

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Introducing DC Comics Guy


With San Diego Comicon 2019 behind us, all eyes are now eagerly set on the future. Announcements and trailers galore gave us all plenty to look forward to and one of the first television events coming our way is Crisis on Infinite Earths in the Arrowverse! But, are you prepared? Have you read the original source material?

Jeff Owens, my podcasting partner-in-crime, has recently launched a brand new blog dedicated to his love of DC Comics. For his first series of articles on DC Comics Guy, he’s tackling one of the biggest events in comic book history…the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Each week, Jeff is taking us on a journey through every step of the Crisis. From the first few appearances of the Monitor to the death of Supergirl to the very end of the Crisis, you’ll relive all of the adventures and experience details you never even knew about.

Take a look at DC Comics Guy today and prepare yourself for the major television event by experiencing where it all began! And that’s just the beginning because Jeff has other great plans on the horizon, such as Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters! Join the adventure now!

Classic Horrors Club Podcast Items Now Available at TeePublic


We’ve launched a page on TeePublic and now you can bring the Classic Horrors Club Podcast with you wherever you go! Wear a t-shirt or hoodie to your favorite film screening or a night on the town with friends. How about a cup of coffee or tea with breakfast? Need a perfect gift for the newborn baby in your life? Yes, there are even onesies!

There is a wide variety of sizes and colors to please every monster kid and to soothe the savage beast! Plus, TeePublic runs great sales that’s sure to make even old Frankie smile!

Check out the Classic Horrors Club Podcast store at:


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