OTR – Dragonwyck (1946)


It is only fitting that we wrap up the old time radio portion of Vincent Price Month on May 27, the anniversary of his birth. So, this week on OTR Wednesday, let’s travel back to October 7, 1946, as Vincent Price and Gene Tierney star in Dragonwyck on the Lux Radio Theatre.

Vincent Price stars as Nicholas Van Ryn, an aristocratic patroon who brings his young cousin Miranda to his Hudson Valley mansion, Dragonwyck, to be a governess to his daughter. It’s one of his very best films and another fantastic pairing with the lovely Gene Tierney. So, turn out the lights and journey back to the mid 1880s.

Dragon 1

OTR – Laura (1945)


We’ve been celebrating some of the non-horror films of Vincent Price this month, so we thought why not take a listen to one of his greatest radio appearances this week on OTR Wednesday. In 1944, Vincent starred in one of his all-time best films, horror or otherwise, when he appeared alongside the lovely Gene Tierney in Laura. The film was based on the novel by Vera Caspary and was a huge hit on the big screen. So, it should come as no surprise that the Lux Radio Theatre did their own adaptation.

Vincent reunited with Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews on February 5, 1945, and the results were amazing. So, sit back and enjoy a fantastic mystery from the golden age of radio.


Dread Media – Maniac (1980)


This week on episode 664 of the Dread Media Podcast, I finally take a look at the grindhouse classic Maniac (1980), which features Caroline Munro and Tom Savini. This one is definitely a trip that was made all the better courtesy of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs. If you have Shudder, it’s well worth checking out as well as Joe Bob every Friday night through the end of June.

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OTR – CBS Radio Mystery Theater


We wrap up our celebration of Sherlock Holmes on this week’s edition of OTR Wednesday with a tribute to the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. While not part of the true golden age of radio, it was part of an amazing revival that thrived in the 70s. The amazing series was created by the legendary Himan Brown, the man behind the classic Inner Sanctum.

From January 6, 1974 until December 31, 1982, a total of 1,399 episodes aired five nights a week on CBS radio. The series featured E.G. Marshall as our host from the beginning until February 1982. Tammy Grimes would take over for the remaining episodes. While the episodes were quite elusive for many years, they are now thankfully all available on the internet. Sadly, the original master tapes are still sitting in a vault somewhere but what is now available often includes original commercials and news breaks, which make them even more entertaining.

While I recommend the entire series, available on YouTube or at cbsrmt.com, we’re here to talk about Sherlock Holmes. Over the near nine-year run of the show, they adapted a classic Sherlock Holmes story at least nine times with actor Kevin McCarthy as the master detective and Court Benson as Dr. Watson.

So now, turn out the lights, brace yourself for the creaking door and prepare yourself for “the fear you can hear” as Sherlock Holmes investigates The Sign of the Four!CBSRMT

Mihmiverse – Basil Rathbone Meets Sherlock Holmes


This month on episode 67 of the Mihmiverse Monthly Audiocast, the Kansas City Crypt continues the month-long celebration of the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. Tune in to hear about the journey Karla and I are enjoying as we watch the entire Basil Rathbone film series.

Have you become a contributor of the upcoming films and specials from Christopher R. Mihm? Check out sainteuphoria.com for all of the latest news from the Mihmiverse. Find out about the new film, The Phantom Lake Kids in The Unseen Invasion, as well as as the latest on all of the other forthcoming film projects, including The Phantom Lakes Kids in The Beast Walks Among Us.

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OTR – The Immortal Sherlock Holmes (1938)


Orson Welles as Sherlock Holmes? While it never happened on the big screen it did happen in the golden age of radio. On September 25, 1938, Welles and his Mercury Theatre Players hit the airwaves with their adaptation of the popular William Gillette play. Welles wrote the radio play and his vision of The Immortal Sherlock Holmes came to life on his radio program, Mercury Theatre on the Air. This program aired a little more than a month before the infamous War of the Worlds broadcast.

So, put down the violin, settle down in front of the warm fire and go back to the late 1800s as the master detective Sherlock Holmes prepares for one of his greatest mysteries. SHMT

Classic Horrors Club – Sherlock Stay-at-Home


In episode 43 of the Classic Horrors Club Podcast, Jeff and I celebrate my wife Karla’s birthday with her choice of topic: Sherlock Holmes. We span a mere portion of the character’s film history with three thrillers: House of Fear (1945), The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959), and A Study in Terror (1965), and we welcome Karla to the podcast to provide her thoughts.

Who’s your favorite Holmes? Basil Rathbone? Yea! Peter Cushing? Yea! John Neville? Huh?

Do you prefer a slightly buffoonish Dr. Watson or one who can keep up with the master detective?

Listen to our opinions, then we invite you to leave feedback on yours. Let’s call the meeting to order…

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