Rare Films Are Now Available on Archive.org

Joel Sanderson, the man behind Gunther Dedmund over at The Basement Sublet of Horror, is currently doing something very cool over at archive.org. His personal video archive is vast and he’s now sharing it with everyone. There are some amazing and rare pieces that can now be viewed for your pleasure. Here are just some examples:The Host

  • Science fiction author and University of Kansas professor James Gunn interviewed a series of science fiction authors for his Centron film series “Science Fiction in Literature”. He sat down with the legendary Rod Serling in 1970 and, while it was never finished due to rights issues, the “lost” interview is now online for all to see and enjoy.
  • In the same film series, James Gunn interviewed another legend in Forest J. Ackermann. Here are some rare film outtakes from that interview. Sure, the sound is missing but the visuals will surely excite any true sci-fi fan.
  • Tom Leahy was one of the original television horror hosts. His character, called simply “The Host”, was enjoyed by Wichita audiences on and off from the 50s on to the 90s. There are a lot of rare clips now available.
  • The raw film footage from Tom Leahy’s unfinished late 60s pilot film Green Hell from the Void is now online as well. We may never know much more than we do now as time is taking away those with the information on this rare flick. However, the pure enjoyment factor remains for future generations to enjoy and wonder what could have been.
  • In 1983, ABC television produced a monumental sci-fi film called The Day After, which just happened to be filmed in and around Lawrence, KS. Here is a rare Australian documentary that takes us back to a very different era.
  • And, of course, there is the man himself…Gunther! Countless episodes of The Basement Sublet of Horror are now online for all to enjoy. Early episodes were edited film parodies of the classic sci-fi and horror films we all enjoy. Personally, I enjoy these so much more than the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Check out Bucket of Blood and The Beast from the Beginning of Time for starters. I think you’ll really enjoy the Tom Leahy film as it also includes a lot of cool and rare extras.

GuntherDedmund_pstcrd_02BAnd that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Take the time to browse around his offerings. I guarantee you’ll find something cool and entertaining. And thank you Joel aka Gunther for all the hard work you’ve been doing in uploading this incredible film library.

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