DieCast Movie Podcast – James Whale Retrospective

Everyone knows that James Whale directed several horror classics, including Frankenstein (1931) and The Invisible Man (1933). However, there is much more to this English film director and my good friend Steve Turek has started a new retrospective series on the DieCast Movie Podcast to help educate all of us cinephiles hungry for more film knowledge.

In episode 65, the retrospective begins with guest James Curtis, author of James Whale: A New World of Gods and Monsters. Next up, in episode 66, I join Steve for a discussion on James Whale’s directorial debut, Journey’s End (1930). This captivating film is set in France 1917 during World War I and features several familiar faces, including Colin Clive, a year before he entranced audiences as Dr. Frankenstein.

Future episodes will feature fellow podcasters, such as my partner-in-crime Jeff Owens, and filmmakers as they sit down with Steve to talk about such films as Waterloo Bridge (1931) and Show Boat (1936). Of course, there will be some conversations about horror films as well and yours truly may just be back sooner than you think.

The DieCast Movie Podcast is a refreshing podcast hosted by Steve Turek and features a revolving format. In some episodes, he’s joined by his children Ben and Mikaela to let the roll of the die determine which movie they’ll talk about next, such as Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) in episode 67. In other episodes, Steve engages in some brilliant interviews with film and television stars such as Louis Gossett, Jr., Kathy Garver and Mary Badham. Steve always chooses to focus on the questions less asked and the results are always entertaining. I highly recommend you tune in today as I know you’ll enjoy it.

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